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Test Details for Ordering
Test Mitochondrial Function Profile
Laboratory Acumen and Biolab
Price £300.00 (includes complimentary 2nd Edition of Diagnosis and Treatment of CFS/ME book, or other nominated book)
Sample required blood
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Please, make sure you have read When not to use this website to ascertain whether having this test is an appropriate and safe course of action for you.


This blood test combines several tests which together assess mitochondrial function and identify where the problem areas with energy production are. It is exceptionally useful for chronic fatigue syndrome / ME sufferers as it gives clear indications for a treatment regime. More details of the test can be found in CFS - The Central Cause: Mitochondrial Failure

Mitochondrial function profile is made up of the following individual tests:

  • ATP profiles;
  • NAD (functional B3);
  • SODase;
  • L-carnitine;
  • Cell-free DNA;
  • Glutathione Peroxidase.

All the above tests are performed at Acumen Laboratory

  • Co-enzyme Q10 - this test is performed at Biolab Medical Unit

About "ATP profiles"

The most significant test in the Mitochondrial function profile is called "ATP profiles". It was developed by Dr John McLaren-Howard. The result is made up of three elements. First of all, it measures the rate at which ATP is recycled in cells. Because production of ATP is highly dependent on magnesium status so the first part of the test studies this aspect.

The second part of the test measures the efficiency with which ATP is made from ADP. If this is abnormal, then this could be as a result of magnesium deficiency, and/or low levels of Co-enzyme Q10, and/or low levels of vitamin B3 (NAD) and/or low levels of acetyl L-carnitine.

The third possibility is that the protein which transports ATP and ADP across mitochondrial membranes is impaired and this is also measured.


Blood - three blood tubes are required


The kit for this test includes a a green topped,a purple topped and a gold topped blood tube, two plastic blood tube carriers and plastic bags for sealing the samples, two request forms (one for Acumen Laboratory and the other for Biolab Medical Unit) and two pre-paid envelopes for sending the samples to the laboratories.

The samples in the green-top tube and purple-top tube go to Acumen Laboratory and the sample in the gold-top tube goes to Biolab.


You will need to have blood taken for this test - you need to either contact your own GP surgery or find a competent professional (nurse, doctor, etc), who will take blood for you.

If you are sending samples from abroad - please read Mitochondrial function profile for overseas CFS sufferers - how to get it done N.B. NO TESTS ARE CURRENTLY AVAILABLE TO PATIENTS FROM OVERSEAS SORRY


How much will it cost

The price of the profile is £300 and as from 1st July 2017 the charge for my interpretation, advice on management and supplement suggestions will be £220.00. The charge for repeat test interpretation (within two years) will be £165.00. The price of my interpretation reflects the fact that I effectively interpret 6 tests and I give detailed advice about a range of issues arising from the questionnaire.

Turnaround time

Once the test samples are received at the lab, it takes about a week for most of the results to come back, but the Co Q10 takes longer - about 14 days. You will be emailed copies of your results as they come in. Time will then be booked in the diary for me to interpret your results and advise - this advice is then made ready for e-mailing or posting out to you. You can ask for it to be emailed to both you and your doctor if you so wish.

Avoiding nutritional supplements before the test

I am often asked whether any nutritional supplements should be discontinued prior to the tests. There is no need to stop the supplements you are taking; however, it is important to list the current supplements in the questionnaire so that I am aware of your nutritional regime. Where you are healthwise on your current supplement regime is going to be the baseline. After all, if your current supplement regime was giving you the level of wellbeing that you were satisfied with, you would not be paying for more tests. Thinking logically, what you are taking is not sufficient and the tests will identify the weak spots in the regime you are following.

Message to overseas CFS sufferers

PLEASE NOTE THAT NO OVERSEAS TESTING IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE - MARCH 2017 This test is not currently available world-wide. Please, note that the batch of tests making up the MFP are blood tests and you will need to make arrangements to have blood taken by a qualified phlebotomist. You will also need to make your arrangements for shipping the samples to the UK BEFORE HAVING BLOOD TAKEN!

Mitochondrial function profile for overseas CFS sufferers - how to get it done provides information about ordering the test and shipping the samples to UK. To avoid having to pay for two separate parcels it is possible to order the mitochondrial function test without co-enzyme Q10 which will only incur one charge for bloods to go to Acumen Laboratory. If you decide to take this option then the total cost of the test kit will be £225 It is very important that you follow all the instructions in that page about the labelling of your package to avoid delays at Customs!

The availability of nutritional supplements to non-UK residents

All the supplements necessary for recovery I normally supply. However, because of difficulties involved in shipping them overseas, I recommend they be accessed from the following suppliers:

  • The sole US distributor for Vegepa and E-EPA90 Omega based supplements is:
Peter Stankowski from Pharmepa Corporation, E-mail:

There are other websites of nutritional supplements manufacturers and distributors - some carry the same products at competitive prices. As for the mineral mix and mineral drops, you will need to find the products that will give you amounts of individual minerals which are as close as possible to my recommendations.


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